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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Using Gadgets

Other Useful Gadgets:

Translate – The Translate gadget will allow visitors to translate your blog in any language.
Search Box – This gadget allows visitors to search your site content.
Video Bar – The Video Bar gadget will allow you to embed our or your YouTube channel feed on your page.  HATV is a great resource for content.
HTML/JavaScript - You can use this to embed a single video to your page.  If you are running a banner ad about BarleyMax, you could embed a video on BarleyMax to encourage them to click on the ad.

Slideshow – This gadget adds a slideshow of photos to your blog.  By using this gadget, you can feature photos from an event or from HA dishes you have made.
List – The list gadget enables you to create a list of your favorite HA items.  I wouldn’t use links on this list because you may not get credit if they purchase without clicking on your affiliate ads.
Poll –  Get to know your visitors by creating polls.  You can use this information in many different ways.

Gadgets to Avoid:  

If using your site as a Health Minister, I would not recommend using the AdSense Gadget.  This will pull visitors away from the purpose of your site and fill your site with ads that may not fit your mission.

Banner Ad Placement

Placing your Hallelujah Acres' Affiliate banner ads are so easy on Blogspot.

Follow these step-by-step instructions.

  1. Sign in to www.blogger.com/home
  2. Drop down menu for more options.  
  3. Choose Template.
  4. Choose Customize
  5. Choose Layout
  6. Choose Add a Gadget
  7. Choose HTML/Javascript Gadget
  8. Leave title blank and paste the banner ad code into the content field
  9. Choose save

Location will depend on which size ad you are placing within your blog.

Size = Top Full Width Gadget Space
234x60 or 250x250 = Side panel full
Size = Side panel half
Size = Footer full width
300x250 = Footer half width

You can also paste the code directly into a post by choosing the HTML option above and pasting the code into any blog post.  This will be the end result:


The text option also works well in a blog.  Here's an example:

Hallelujah Acres BarleyMax - Living SUPPLEMENTS For a Living Body Click Here